Kayla has been part of our Gold Star family since 2002 as a member of our All-Star Cheer and Hip Hop teams. She is the fourth in the family line of beloved staff members as her two older sisters and her mother all have worked for Gold Star; and now all four sisters continue to be instrumental in the gym. She came to Gold Star having been involved in cheerleading since she was five. Kayla overnight became a confident and enthusiastic coach. She began working with our all ages of gymnasts, campers, and birthday party-goers, and in 2009 took on the challenge of heading her own Hip Hop team. In 2015 she began working at our front desk, and took on the title of Camp Director. She has received her U.S.A. Gymnastics Safety Certification and is CPR and First Aid certified, has her U.S. All-Star Federation Level 4 Certification for Cheer and Dance Teams, a US All Star Federation Dance Certificate, and a Bachelors from San Jose State in Child Development. Kayla has certainly lived up to her family legacy by becoming one of our most popular and sought-after teachers in the gym.


camp director

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