Policies and Procedures

We at Gold Star pride ourselves on our family-friendly policies which help fit our classes into life with your children. There are no registration fees, free trial classes, extensive make-up options, easy enrollment and withdrawal procedures, and an unwavering attention to the safety and the well-being of our students.

To Enroll

There are no registration fees, however a parent must fill out a permanent record card, pay tuition, sign the “Permission to Render Emergency Aid & Liability Statement”, and the policies sheet to enroll their child in a class at Gold Star Gymnastics. Please notify the office of any changes to your contact information.

To Cancel Enrollment

We ask that parents submit a withdrawal card one week prior to their child’s last class. Students who withdraw by the end of the month will not be charged for the next month. If a student withdraws mid-month, clients will receive a credit to the family account (or a refund) for all classes left in the month that are more than one week after the withdrawal card was received. Any make-up classes scheduled after the student’s drop date will automatically be cancelled.


Tuition is based on an average of four weeks per month. No additional charges will incur for those months with extra class days. Conversely credit will not be given for those months with less class days due to holidays. Please refer to our calendar of events for a complete list of holidays. Credit will not be given for missed classes. Please see our absence policy. Siblings will each receive a $10.00 discount per child starting the first full month of enrollment. All additional siblings after the third child are half price.

Administrative Charges

Tuition is due before the first day of each month, after which a $10.00 processing charge will incur. Bills are only sent to overdue accounts. Students will be automatically dropped from their classes if accounts become one month past due.

Payment Options

Gold Star accepts cash, personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, and can set up automatic monthly credit card withdrawals. There is a $20 fee on all returned checks. No third party checks accepted.

Absence Policy

We offer several ways to make up missed classes, although credit will not be given due to missed classes.

Make-ups can be scheduled in advance in specific classes. All missed classes must be scheduled within 30 days of the absence or they expire. All make-up classes can be cancelled and rescheduled if the change is made more than one week prior to the scheduled make-up class. Students in specialty classes (Teen, Tumbling, and Cheer) are able to schedule make-ups through the front desk.

Students are allowed 10 make-ups per school year for each enrolled weekly class; three make-ups during the summer session for each enrollment. Make-ups are voided upon withdrawal from the program.

If a student misses class due to an injury and is under a doctor’s care, please call the front desk to discuss options for holding your child’s place in class without charge.  However, we must have a doctor’s note for your child to return to class. 

Tardy Policy

We agree to supervise your children during their scheduled class times, but we do not have the staffing to supervise students outside of these scheduled times. Therefore, children who are dropped off more than 10 minutes before class or picked up more than 10 minutes after class will be charged a fee. This fee is $10 for the first 10 minutes and $1 for each minute after that.


It is recommended that students wear a one-piece leotard, or a T-shirt and fitted shorts or sweatpants. Zippers, buckles, or buttons on the students’ clothing should be avoided. Long hair needs to be secured back out of the student’s face. No rings or other jewelry while in class. No shoes or socks on the gym floor, although footless tights are accepted. Clean, dry sneakers may be worn for cheer practices. All clothing must be appropriate for children (appropriate referring to style, slogans, and graphics). GSG is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Only registered students are allowed on the gymnastics floor. Children must be escorted into and out of the gym by an adult, and must be accompanied by a coach when on the gym floor. Students are not allowed to wait in the parking lot. Parents watch classes from the waiting areas, and are only allowed in the gym area when accompanying children enrolled in a KinderStars class. Gold Star reserves the right to remove students from the gym area if they are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others, arising from disobedient, defiant or disrespectful behavior. (Please ask at the front desk for a copy of our discipline policy for more detailed information).

Illness Policy

For the safety and well-being of everyone in the gym, please do not bring your children to class if they have had a contagious illness in the 24 hours prior to their class (such as a fever, coughing, or vomiting). We offer extensive make-up options outlined above in our absence policy.

Substitute Teachers

Although we strive to always provide your children with a consistent teacher, absences will occur.  We will notify you if your instructor changes permanently or if a long-term substitute is necessary. 

Star Weeks

Star Week occurs five times a year, and is designed to provide feedback and motivation as students move through the program. Preschool students are given a progress report and a ribbon indicating their level. Recreational gymnasts are given a poster, and then earn sticker stars to place next to the skills they have mastered.

Moving Up

When your child is ready to advance, the coach will give you a “Move-Up Card”. Bring this card to the front desk and the staff will help you to enroll in the next level. Please understand that if a space is not available in the next level at a convenient time, you may put your child’s name on a waiting list. Your child is then encouraged to remain enrolled and continue attending their current class until the office staff notifies you of an available space.


No food, drinks, or gum are allowed on the gym floor. When eating in the lobby, please help keep the area clean.