Ashley started at Gold Star as a member of our Senior All-Star Cheer Team in 2007 a team which has qualified to Nationals every year. Ashley has earned a U.S.A. Gymnastics Safety Certification, First Aid and CPR Certifications, and her U.S. All-Star Federation Level 2 Certification for Cheer and Dance Teams. She had been a cheerleader for 5 years, a soccer player for 9 years and a softball player for 10 years (placing 7th in the Western World Series in Seattle in 2004). She began teaching in the fall of 2008, claiming that the very best coaches she had ever encountered across her multitude of sports and years of competitions, were the ones she has had at Gold Star. Although our cheer coaches may have been a role model for her, Ashley quickly become an exemplar for her students, and a mentor to our young coaches. In 2015 she took on the role of Assistant Camp Director and Assistant Birthday Party Coordinator, alongside teaching in both our gymnastics and cheer programs. Her jubilant approach is so infectious she brings joy to everyone teaching around her. Her confidence and dedication are unparalleled.


birthday coordinator

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