Ronney came to Gold Star in the fall of 2007 as Director of our boys gymnastics program. He is a true professional coach, having taught gymnastics to every age group, beginner through the highest levels of competition since 1991 in gyms throughout the South Bay. Ronney began his career as a gymnast and competed up to the level just before Elite. He then went on to become a professional football player in the Canadian League. Every certification offered by U.S.A. Gymnastics to a competitive level coach, Ronney has received, including Safety Certification, Skill Level Evaluator, and Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certifications. Ronney is so well known in the area that the first day he walked in the gym half of our competitive team and much of our staff came running over with hugs and happy greetings. He is all that is good about Gold Star because he is here for the kids. He wants gymnastics to be a successful and productive part of their lives, but in a healthy balance with all the other wonders of childhood. Ronney’s extensive gymnastics knowledge is conveyed to the students in such an energetic manner that everyone in class feels like they are playing while working, and learning while staying safe, and laughing while getting stronger. He is exactly what our boys program needs.


head boys coach

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