sabrina g.

Sabrina G. is an irreplaceable part of our all of our gymnastics programs. Sabrina started her coaching career at Gold Star in 2000, and we have watched her grow into a high level, incredibly dedicated coach. In 2003, she began to train our PreTeam students, polishing and pushing them towards competition, in 2005 took over our Level 3 team, in 2007 worked with our Level 5 gymnasts, and in 2014 began training our Level 7’s. . She has her U.S.A. Gymnastics Safety Certification and is CPR and First Aid certified. Her energy is not surprising as she has been cheering for since she was in kindergarten, and has coached a Junior All-Star Cheer Team. Between coaching everyone from preschoolers through our most advanced athletes, and attending competitions for our teams, she has found time to raise her three beautiful children. Her rowdy and zany approach to life makes our students want to work hard for her, just as she works hard for them.



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